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A full range of services in a field of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) with rich experience and a proven reputatio

Ishengir provides comprehensive services from routine maintenance to design, installation and commissioning of all HVAC equipment and systems.


Our efficiency:

  • A full range of HVAC services, from design, to installation and commissioning, as well as scheduled maintenance;

  • A proven track record of providing services in accordance with the highest industry standards.

Our expertise

We have good experience in providing integrated HVAC services in accordance with the highest industry standards and in accordance with modern environmental and technical requirements, including the control of substances hazardous to health. Our comprehensive services are provided by multidisciplinary design, engineering and technical teams to reduce the number of employees in order to improve the project effectiveness.


We have practical experience in implementing HVAC projects on:

  • Industrial facilities;

  • Coastal infrastructure;

  • Marine vessels and platforms.


Our HVAC capabilities include:

  • Design of air conditioning systems and refrigeration units, installation, commissioning and maintenance;

  • Inspection and monitoring of HVAC and cooling systems;

  • Commissioning of HVAC systems;

  • Scheduled maintenance procedures for all HVAC equipment;

  • Verification and testing of local exhaust ventilation system;

  • Design, installation and commissioning of local exhaust ventilation systems;

  • Isolation and noise reduction of HVAC systems;

  • Checking air condition and quality.


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