Our main task is to find the optimal balance between an economical solution and sustainable development

Our company offers services for comprehensive and high-quality, maintenance and overhaul of pumping equipment, both directly at the production facility and beyond in our workshops. We have knowledge and many years of experience, and our production facilities are strategically located in close proximity to the main industrial regions of the country and logistics nodes, simplifying the process of mobilizing resources in order to effectively respond to customer needs. 

Our services include:


  • Inspection and diagnostics;

  • Vibration measurement;

  • Balancing;

  • Dynamic balancing;

  • Laser alignment;

  • Lubrication;

  • Restoration repair;

  • Overhaul;

  • Processing and painting;

  • Test;

  • Launch.


In addition to our service specialists, our company has extensive experience in attracting foreign specialists from partner companies to deal with hydrodynamic problems or improve the piping system and design of pumping equipment. Ishengir has in stock, components and spare parts from various types of pumping equipment, as well as close relations with manufacturers and suppliers, greatly simplifying the process of maintenance and repair, and saving time. In the absence of parts or components, Ishengir has sufficient experience and equipment for the redesign and production of OEM parts, which is not part of our range and thus solves the problem that has arisen.


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