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We are the company of professionals and innovators, people who are think and create, with the spirit of researchers and dreamers, with the dedication of volunteers. We are united by one goal - to improve the world, acting responsibly and respecting security. Since the foundation in 2007, we have been contributing to progress everywhere and always, helping our clients in their most complex projects. We provide the result, regardless of the mission and circumstances, providing a wide range of engineering services, using the latest technology to improve society. Our clients are belonging to various sectors of the economy.

We are sure that at the heart of every successful project are 5 key element

Safe workplace is the key to work excellence. We are creating a safety-oriented environment that constantly works to eliminate risks that could lead to personal injury and malfunction

We work and develop, following our principles to achieve a maximum result in the work and success of the company. The actions we take are consistent with our vision, mission, values and principles that form the basis of how we work and who we are, both with clients and with each other.


P.B. 745 000 Turkmenbashy city, 21 Pushkina str.

P.B. 745 000 Balkan area, Kianly, Ishengir supply base


Tel: +99365070040

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