Front-end engineering design

The logical continuation of basic engineering design is the development of front-end engineering design, in order to optimize the effectiveness of all aspects of the project.

A three-stage design approach is based on a logical sequence of events and a chronological sequence and preparation of incoming corrected information that facilitates the adoption of timely decisions based on three key success factors of the project: a single basis, consistent execution and predictable results – quantity, quality and schedule.

This approach makes it possible to provide a procedure for accelerated project implementation, while simultaneously monitoring changes, managing work that is not provided for at this stage of design, and carrying out work simultaneously in several places. A phased approach helps ensure consistency throughout the project implementation process, supports the possibility of introducing innovative technologies and high-quality project implementation processes, adapted to meet customer needs.

Front-end engineering design

• Provides an opportunity to provide individual project implementation strategies.
• Contributes to the timely flow of information.
• Provides efficient staffing.
• Encourages timely contributions by customers, manufacturers, builders and other interested parties.
• Focuses on critical decisions that mark the milestones of the project.
• Contributes to project coherence and allows for risk response planning.

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