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Solutions using drones as technical equipment reduce the cost and improve safety.

We use drones in hard to reach places. This approach increases safety, while significantly saving time and money. In the oil and gas, chemical, mining, construction or land excavation works – not a single modern solution can do without the use of drones.


Our solutions

• The use of drones minimizes risk exposure by reducing or completely eliminating the requirement for personnel to work at heights or in dangerous enclosed spaces.
• Our drones operate in conditions that can be extremely dangerous for personnel, in toxic areas, high and low temperature spaces, or in confined and inaccessible spaces.
• We significantly reduce the cost of project expenses by eliminating the need for alternative access methods in form of industrial mountaineering and scaffolding.
• Our drone solutions increase the efficiency, productivity and profitability of the project.

Possibilities of using drones

• Survey and scanning of construction sites and structures.
• 3D mapping of objects.
• Review and inspection of high-rise structures of ventilation and flare pipes.
• Survey and inspection of inaccessible areas, platforms, structures of industrial facilities and bridges.
• Survey and inspection of inside and top site of boilers and tanks.
• 3D mapping of tank deformations.

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