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Rigging services cover the full life cycle of each project, from the physical implementation of the project to the decommissioning of an asset and its subsequent disposal. Ishengir has many years of experience in providing rigging services both for customers and in its own facilities, performing work for clients. Our rigging services cover the entire life cycle of a project or maintenance of an asset during its operation and movement.


Our solutions

• A full range of rigging services, covering the entire life cycle of project implementation or asset maintenance.
• Use of rigging services, before the starting shutdown of production process, during maintenance and after completion of shutdown cycle of production process.

Before starting work, our company conducts simulation of lifting systems for our customers to provide the best and safest service. All the specialized personnel of Ishengir company involved in rigging works have full professional training certificates and approvals from state regulatory organizations. We also regularly conduct events, including risk analysis, before starting work in order to simulate work in a safe environment.

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