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Disposal management

Ishengir provides a full range of services for manage and management of industrial waste from the oil, gas and chemical industries, including radioactive materials of natural origin. All work carried out by Ishengir complies with the latest recommendations of the ICRP International Commission on Radiological Protection and our technical staff has been trained to the highest industry standards for radiation protection, providing appropriate controls to manage hazards and prevent exposure.

Disposal management

Our qualified staff and a wide range of our own equipment allow us to quickly mobilize to solve problems in accordance with the specific requirements of your project.

Our efficiency

• Creation of a controlled zone with limited access, if necessary.
• Ownership and maintenance with own equipment.
• Inspection and recommendations of qualified chemists.

Our services include

• Monitoring, disposal, processing and disposal.
• Hazard surveillance and control.
• Decontamination inside closed production facilities.

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