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Pipe fabrication

Piping components fabrication.

This is the process of welding piping components such as pipes, elbows, tees, flanges and much more into piping engineering systems in exact accordance with the design requirements of our customers. Our production facilities located in the west of Turkmenistan use the most modern technologies and processes, if necessary, our mobile production systems are able to mobilize at the desired facility in the shortest possible time.

Pipe fabrication

We can offer you a complete solution for pipelines, providing

• Modern automated welding processes.
• Induction and cold bending.
• Robotic cutting and welding.
• Internal blasting and painting.
• NDT and heat treatment.
• Real-time tracking.
• Drawing color bar codes.

Ishengir combines assembly and engineering services for onshore and offshore facilities in oil and gas, chemical, energy and mining industries. We have the knowledge and experience in design of engineering modifications of any size at existing industrial facilities, thanks to our practical work on a maintenance management field of industrial facilities. We deal with the complex task between designing and operating assets.

Our professional fitters and welders have many years’ experience and our most valuable asset. Their knowledge and experience guarantee excellent quality of work throughout the project. Ishengir applies the highest level of technical expertise by the method of NDT to analyze the properties and determine the shortcomings of used materials, as well as in manufactured parts and assemblies. We also offer related interdisciplinary services, combining installation of structures and equipment, insulation of pipelines, installation of electrical equipment and other elements. This minimizes the number of contracts involved, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the project. The benefit for the client is the flawless implementation of project by one contractor.

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