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Rope access

One of the safest and most cost-effective access methods for solving a wide range of tasks is rope access. Ishengir provides multidisciplinary solutions using rope access, providing safe and cost-effective access methods. Our multidisciplinary staff uses rope access to perform various comprehensive services for special processing, surface cleaning, painting, bolt tensioning, NDT services. We use our own equipment and offer a quick and effective response to customer needs.

Rope access

Our efficiency

• Safe and cost-effective access to a wide range of integrated services.
• Multidisciplinary staff increases efficiency and reduces costs.
• Requires less resources compared to scaffolding, cradles or mobile work platforms.
• Full project management, including specialized engineers and inspectors.

We offer a full range of project management services which includes planning, management, engineering and inspection work, maintenance, execution and completion, as well as assistance to the design and engineering group. Our highly qualified staff performs work in accordance with the recommendations of IRATA and SPRAT.

Our company also offers a wide range of custom tension nets to provide access to various structural positions. Our solutions provide increased security, minimizing the risk of objects falling and provide cost-effective and quick access to hard-to-reach areas of structures.

Our solutions

• Special tension nets for a wide range of applications in construction, maintenance of surface and surface structures and inspection.
• Increased safety due to minimizing the risk of falling objects.
• Fast and cost-effective access to hard to reach places.
• Elimination of the need to attract marine vessels during the work, which significantly reduces costs.
• Elimination of additional structural stress and load on deck space when using specialized equipment.

Our solutions for the use of tension nets eliminate the needs to attract marine vessels when working with offshore objects, which provides significant savings both during installation works and during maintenance of structures in hard-to-reach places. The load on the structure is also reduced when using specialized mechanical means in the form of a cradle or a hydraulic elevator and the absence use of limited space on the deck, which is extremely sensitive when working with offshore objects and marine vessels.

Our offer

• Various sizes of nets, as well as custom-made ones at the request of client.
• Using various materials, including high-strength nylon.
• High workload and test samples for future testing.
• Tension capabilities using multiple belts with a ratchet mechanism integrated into the tensioning system.
• Conducting tests and assigning an identification number with a test certificate and a certificate of conformity.

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