Fabrication facilities

For independent fabrication activities, our company has its own facilities, which are strategically located on the west of Turkmenistan, in the immediate vicinity of main high way road, rail and sea hubs, in the Caspian region. Turkmenbashy city and communications passing through it can rightfully be called both the gateway to Central Asia, and the gateway Black Sea region and the Mediterranean region from Central Asia. Location of fabrication resources in this region is significant simplifies logistics both for the supply of materials and equipment, and subsequent transportation of completed products and structures to their layout places.

Turkmenbashy city there is a fully covered equipped fabrication workshop, with all necessary communications and total area of 1800 m2. & an adjacent space of 3200 m2.

28 km from Turkmenbashy city, in industrial Kianly zone, is located main base of Ishengir company, with a total area of 50,000 M2, where allocated fabrication, treatment and paint workshops, warehouses, and an open Fabrication yard with an area of 30,000 M2. Since the main base is located in close proximity to coastline, cargo berth for large tonnage vessels and for transporting bulky goods by sea are located nearby.

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