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Decommissioning & conservation

Our company provides a full range of services for the decommissioning of facilities or individual production capacities of both onshore and offshore & underwater infrastructure, for the purpose of conservation or possible subsequent disposal.

Decommissioning & conservation

We conventionally divide the entire decommissioning process into three stages or phases, during which preparations are made to shut down the production process, or the productive operation process, with the transition to the processing of production assets and shutdown of utility networks and communications, subsequent decontamination, disposal of residual waste and disposal.

Integrated decommissioning approach

An integrated approach allows for a smooth, complete decommissioning process, without increasing the risks for environmental pollution, making it possible, after successful restoration, to fully restore the ecological balance and ecosystem of the area that existed before the project.

In the process of decommissioning assets, a reassessment of the condition of the assets can be carried out, with their possible conservation or relocation, for the purpose of subsequent use or inclusion in the production process with other assets.

Modern technologies allow use of part of the assets of successfully decommissioned industrial facilities, followed by modernization and use on other industrial complexes with similar or identity functional production, while this measure significantly reduces plans for the initial cost of building new facilities in the overall complex of the production process. For the success of such operations, we propose the use our relocation services.

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