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Value engineering

Any plan can be optimized and improved by the proper application of critical analysis, knowledge and experience. We have everything you need to analyze, evaluate and improve your engineering plans and schedules in order to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Correcting and removing unreasonable excess and ineffective components can help you reduce project lead times and lower costs.

Value engineering

We provide a full range of value engineering and design cost reduction services, in addition to other technical design and risk management proposals. Our specialists in all design engineering disciplines are ready to analyze all aspects of your project, without exception, starting with a preliminary analysis of risks associated with calculating cost and schedule of the project, and ending with the development and installation.

Our value engineering capabilities include

• Improvement and integration of preliminary technological processes.
• Schedules for design, procurement, construction and production work.
• Piping and instrumentation diagrams.
• Equipment specifications.
• Plans for external boundaries of installation and utilities.
• Preliminary land plans.
• Preparation of requests for submission of price offers and summary information.
• Estimated budget costs.
• Analysis, assessment and selection of technologies.
• Adaptation of standards and specifications.
• Constructiveness.
• Optimization of energy consumption.
• Simplification of technological processes.
• Minimization of waste.
• Design considering the required performance.
• Modeling of process reliability.
• Expected maintenance service.

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