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Warehouses supply

We offer a wide range of products for the oil and gas, chemical, energy and construction industries, and if necessary, our employees can offer you free consultations that may be useful for you and will help you with your choice.

Warehouses supply


Lifting tools

Lifting slings, staples, cables, chains and chain blocks, hooks and much more – we provide a wide range of certified products for all types of lifting work, both for onshore and offshore operations, for the oil and gas, chemical and construction industries.


Welding & cutting equipment & tools

We provide a wide range of equipment, tools and accessories for welding and cutting work, from international manufacturers with guarantees and subsequent maintenance. We also have accessories and spare parts for both electric and self-contained diesel generator sets. In addition, we provide a wide range of plasma equipment manufactured in USA and EU, with all the necessary certificates, as well as the ability to configure and calibrate.


Instrumentation, valves & fittings

We provide a wide range from leading manufacturers of instrumentation for all types of production processes in chemical, oil and gas, energy and mining industries, as well as for industrial production facilities. We also provide services for ordering and manufacturing specific instrumentation on the instructions of customer.

We also have a wide selection of various valves, connectors and adapters, from leading international manufacturers, both original and OEM versions, for types of products discontinued, but required at operating facilities. We can also independently manufacture or supply spare parts for all types of valves from manufacturers or authorized production workshops.


Pipes, flanges, & fittings on all types alloys

We offer a wide range of different sizes of pipes, flanges and connectors, and adapters from various types of alloys for chemical, oil and gas and energy industries. All products have the necessary technical specifications and certificates from manufacturers with mechanical tests for the properties of metals.


Hoses & fittings

We offer a complete line of hoses, fittings and accessories that are necessary for your equipment: pumps, compressors, tanks. High pressure air hoses and hoses for pumps and tanks, for pumping waste or products.


Bolts, screws, studs & fasteners

We offer a wide range of metal alloys bolts, anchor bolts, screws, nuts, studs and fasteners, from various manufacturers for all types of industries. We can also provide products made from composite materials or with a special protective coating based on aramid or polymer materials that are resistant to corrosion.


Gaskets & insulators

We can supply gasket materials, insulation and gaskets, and we can provide ready-made gaskets made of natural and synthetic rubber, leather, composite and polymeric materials, both elastic and rigid, as well as graphite gaskets of various sizes. If necessary, we can also create product for you by your specification order in our production workshop from certified material.


Industrial tools, abrasives & accessories

We provide quality manufactured accessories from abrasive materials for your stationary equipment and portable tools. We have a large assortment of various adapters and nozzles for installing all types of accessories for processing all types of materials.


Flame & explosion-proof electrical conduits & accessories

We are not only applying modern solutions in the field of electrification and power management systems with refractory and explosion-proof technologies on our projects, but also offer a wide range of products from leading world manufacturers of electrical equipment for industrial facilities. We can offer you both the products required by your specification, and separately made to order from the manufacturer or with certification of the manufacturer at our production facilities in accordance with your requirements.


Electric & pneumatic tools

It is difficult to imagine modern construction, production and repair without high-quality and convenient tools. We offer a wide range of electric and pneumatic type hand tools, as well as accessories and spare parts for them. We have a wide range of drills, grinders, cutting machines, fans for decontamination systems, pneumatic pumps and much more. All our tools come from specialized manufacturers and have warranty certificate.


Scaffolding materials

We provide a complete range of BS (British Standard) scaffolding. We can supply by your requirements pipes 2,3,4,6 meters long, regular and refractory wooden floorings from 1,5 up to 4 meters long, double, swivel, single and hose, forged clamps, fasteners for boards, galvanized base plates and universal jacks.


Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Not one production or construction will be safe if employee does not have personal protective equipment. We have a wide range of personal protective equipment for all types of work in chemical, oil and gas, energy, mining industries and construction industry.


We can offer high-quality and certified seasonal and demi-season overalls, safety shoes for construction work or work with chemicals and resistant to aggressive environments, gloves for all types of work, helmets, ear muffs and earplugs, safety glasses for various types of lighting, respiratory masks with a filtration system air, protective masks for welding and for working with plasma and gas cutters, overalls for welders, and protective cloths for welding, overalls for working with chemical reagents during decontamination, overalls and PPE during abrading surface by automatic means, protective helmets with a remote air supply and the individual oxygen balloons.


Degreasers & lubricants

In all production processes of any industry, not possible to do without chemicals necessary for cleaning production systems and tanks, and there is no any mechanism from day its invention is complete without lubricants that remove friction, reduce stress and subsequent wear.


Our company provides a wide range of world best manufacturers of light and heavy solvents, both on a water and environmentally friendly basis, and on the basis of various chemical reagents necessary for servicing equipment, pipelines, storage tanks in industrial production, oil & gas, chemical and energy industries.

Today, a wide range of lubricants a modern petrochemical industry allows uncompromisingly satisfy all the needs of mechanical equipment of modern industry. If necessary, our thermal warehouses are able to place all the products you need for long-term storage.

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