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Health, Safety and Environment



Health, Safety
and Environment

Safety precautions

We care and will take care of your safety and your well-being

From every project, to every ton of the construction, the protection of our employees, society and the environment is the basis of everything we do. We strive for safety above all. For us, no project will be successful if it is not built safely. We believe that all accidents can be prevented through proper planning and training, staff involvement and empowerment, and constant vigilance to ensure that everyone leaves their jobs in the same condition in which they arrived.



"Safety" is the cornerstone of our culture. The safety program of our company provides management and direction to achieve the most secure working environment for all our employees and our partner contractors. We have a zero-tolerance policy on safety issues.


Continuing education

"Continuing education" is increased awareness, is an absolute requirement for each employee involved in the construction or production process, regardless of his workplace and position, and we achieve this through the consistent security policies and procedures that we apply in all projects. Our employees are constantly trained in the latest developments in the field of security, which allows us to create a safety culture in the company, which becomes their usual working atmosphere. Our safety managers create special safety programs, individually for each project, considering its specificity.


Exchange of best practices in the field of security

"Exchange of best practices in the field of security" – we exchange the best practices among all our customers, partners and contracting partners. This contributes to coherence and continuous improvement in the company. We always develop and update our security policies and procedures as reflected in our corporate security guidelines.

Occupational Safety and Health

Safety is our choice

Safety is not just a business obligation, it is our moral obligation. This is a system for preserving the life and health of employees in the course of work. Each employee of our company, from the construction site to the project management, is personally responsible for observing and ensuring compliance with all elements of the "Security and Safety Management System" of our company.


We are absolutely sure that the basis of Labor Protection, as well as the foundation of building any corporate system and business culture, should also be based on our values and principles, which we strictly follow and uncompromisingly adhere to.

Occupational Safety and Health

Our values and principles in safety

"Speak and listen" – we understand that safety is not what we do in addition to our work, it is how we work. Our training programs teach employees to immediately identify and correct unsafe working methods.

"Better training" – in addition to daily and weekly safety meetings, managers check and train employees using hazard analysis of workplaces on projects, tools that integrate security into each part of the project.

"Check and prevent" – audits, inspections and daily inspections of work sites, and professional level audits systematically reduce the likelihood of injuries and accidents. We are constantly improving security by analyzing trends and sharing best practices.

"Safety is at the heart of relationships" – safety is people, not projects. Safety is stories, not statistics. We must manage the risk!

"Safety is people" – our employees are our most valuable asset, so we insist on their active participation and are responsible for the safe execution of their work.

"Safety prevents incidents" – we regularly conduct safety seminars in our company and strive to inform new and young employees about the importance of security and incident prevention.

"Safety starts from the top" – management's responsibility and a structured approach to discussing security issues are key components of our security culture. We strive to exceed, and not just abide by, the safety rules.

"Take the time to do it right" – safety comes first, always and everywhere. No work is so urgent that we do not spend time and money on compliance with the necessary safety measures.

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Environmental protection

Preserving the nature of the planet, we look to the future

Sustainable and dynamic development is fundamental to all the activities of our company, defining our approach, guiding our employees and shaping our environmental activities for future generations. We are proud of our role in the achievements of our industry and the citizens of our country, the highest results in the economic, social and environmental spheres. Our mission and values lead us to our goal of what is really important, to achieve economic growth and social integration, to protect the environment, physical and digital security and improve living conditions. The safe and responsible conduct of business is extremely important. It is ensured by our policy of non-harming the environment and includes the management of our environmental impact and respect for professional integrity and openness. Regardless of the objectives of the project, its purpose in the industry to which it will relate, before its implementation, we study and analyze in detail whether there will be a change in flora and fauna in a particular area, if the hydrological regime is violated and what long-term impact it will have on the environment in which it will be located during operation.

We pay special attention to environmental aspects to the implementation of the project during construction with the measures taken to protect the environment. This allows us to reduce the damage to the soil, the state of the atmosphere and water, equipment, mechanisms and special equipment used in construction.


To prevent harm to the environment, when developing activities, we consider the following factors:

• Emission of exhaust gases into the atmosphere by special equipment.
• Dynamic impact on the soil of the mechanisms working at the facility.
• Violation of the integrity of the hydrological regime.
• Presence of waste and garbage during work and their disposal.
• Soil pollution by sewage.
• Air pollution by dust emissions from particles of loose building materials.

Remediation is used to prevent pollution and restore ecosystem balance. To reduce the impact on the soil from the operation of heavy machinery and equipment, vibration damping facilities are used. To prevent pollution of the territory outside the project being built, mobile car washes are installed at the exits. Departure of dirty vehicles outside the project territory is strictly prohibited.

Garbage and construction waste are removed and disposed of at designated landfills, or transferred for recycling for secondary use.

The environmentally friendly and responsible conduct of business in our industry is extremely important. We are proud that by our activities, our attitude and choice, we set an example that lean construction is the norm of our industry in the XXI century, which makes stable and unshakable rules in the culture of all companies in order to preserve nature and ecology for future generations.

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