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Reference design

The main goal and ease of use of reference project or ready-made EPC solutions is the possibility of modifying and developing next-generation projects using the latest technologies and innovation. A typical project confirms its effective concept and is usually designed for specific tasks. After the necessary modifications and adaptations, it allows to go directly to stage of physical implementation of the project, significantly reducing capital costs in time and design, thereby reducing costs and lowering risks in the project, which also affects the schedule for its implementation and cost in general.

Reference design

Our approach to use of reference projects allows our customers to take advantage of a number of edges of ready-made EPC solutions for design, procurement, production and construction. Our company develops configurations of standard projects, using previous experience in design, standardizing projects in accordance with the availability of existing data and in cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers. We also have the opportunity to provide conceptual standard projects of third-party developers, with the possibility of modifying them to the necessary project or its production need.

A set of reference design configurations covers the entire range of our work, as they are based on best-in-class facilities that can be reproduced, modified and adapted to meet specific customer needs and maintain competitiveness in the industry – reducing capital costs, reducing emissions and highly efficient automatically configurable modular solutions that have a high degree of maintainability, which also significantly reduces downtime and costs for subsequent maintenance. This is a big step forward, which provides a significant increase in the value of the project.

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