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Our company

Our company

Our main mission "We design & creating the future with you" guides everything we do

It is based on open, collaborative communication with our customers, design partners, contractors and employees, and is confirmed by our five core values: honesty, trust, service, quality and hard work.


Our vision

Our vision is our desire to be a leader in the domestic market and reliable partner in the international, based on the experience and uncompromising values of our company – safety and quality in the implementation of any project. It reminds us of our aspirations as a company and what we should strive for every day – to be an attractive employer, and a reliable partner on the path to achieving goals and objectives, being a provider of successful innovative services in industrial field and practical solutions in any projects and in any environment.


Our mission

"Designing & creating the future" – contributing to the development of business and technologies, setting standards and a vector for the development of industry, being at the forefront of positive transformations, changing the world for the better, safely and efficiently implementing projects, at any time and in any environment for the benefit of our customer, our employees and the company for which we work.

Introduce comprehensive and innovative solutions with high customer requirements, together creating a functional environment and quality – which has a great influence at all stages of the project development – from the beginning of its definition, to commissioning into productive operation and maintenance during operation.

Understanding the customers’ business processes, his requirements and goals, the exact orientation of the project and interaction with him at all stages of its development, allowing us to successfully solve the most important goal of our mission – to ensure safe, high-quality and timely implementation of the project.


Our values

Our values are based on conscientiousness and fidelity to our principles, compulsory and unbreakable, defining us as a company:

Honesty – our employees are open, frank and truthful. We adhere to the highest ethical standards. The word of our employees is their connection. They do what they say and meet the highest standards of justice and ethical conduct. We treat people fairly, we do and will do what we say.

Trust – we act in such a way as to gain the trust of others and make every effort to earn the trust of business partners in every project in which we participate. We create an environment that encourages customers to tell us what they think.

Service – we consider it our duty to provide a high level of service to everyone, including our customers, colleagues and our society as a whole. We care about our customers and contractors and quickly and effectively respond to their needs.

Quality – we set high standards of quality, plan these standards in the workplace and take responsibility, striving to always exceed even our own expectations, doing it right the first time.

Hard work – we work hard, but we also work wisely to create a balance between our professional and personal lives. We set high standards of performance and compare ourselves with them.


Our principles

Our principles are foundation of our corporate culture, style of our company and daily guide our business activity, strengthening our mission, vision & values:

Firmness and uncompromising attitude – towards ensuring the quality of work, safety measures, labor protection and the environment at all stages of our activities.

Openness, trust and respect – in relations with each employee, whom we value first of all as a person, paying special attention to his individual development and giving the opportunity to fully reveal his potential.

Freedom of action and the right to choose – we trust our employees, who are responsible for the quality and execution of their obligations, to make independent decisions and the ability to show foresight in their work and adapt to changes.

Transparency, responsibility and discipline – in carrying out our activities, we are responsible for our work personally and as a company. We make every effort to ensure that any work is performed at the highest level and always sought for success.

Honesty in everything we do – we are people with high ethical principles and a strong character. We value honesty, courage, judgment, perseverance and trust, without compromising our ethical principles.

Continuous improvement in competition with oneself – allows to see the strengths and weaknesses in our company and its employees, determining the tactics and strategy in its development to achieve maximum success in work.

Teamwork & team spirit – we are sure that excellent results in work can be achieved only by working in a team, sharing knowledge, experience and resources to achieve success of company and our customers. We put the interests of company above personal success – this is our unity and strength.


Our culture

Striving to meet the customer needs, excellence in execution and providing the best conditions for employee growth create a culture, that makes our company a reliable partner. Our employees are constantly looking for new opportunities for study and training, self-improvement and value-adding, share a commitment to safety, quality workmanship, honesty and respect. We instruct, train and support our employees so that they become the best they can be. This common culture is a catalyst for attracting and retaining the best people, who, in turn, can provide our customers with exceptional service and creative solutions.


Our history

Ishengir is a private engineering and construction company providing EPFCC services (Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Construction & Commissioning) established in 2007 in Ashgabat. The initial activity of the company consisted in the maintenance of industrial companies in oil, gas and chemical industries and maintenance of equipment for mining industry.

In the process of further evolutionary development, and created design and engineering department, our company switched to active development in the field of industrial design and development of production process. Given the rich experience in maintenance and knowledge of industrial production processes, our company focused on creating its own material and technical base, with the subsequent acquisition and development of its own production facilities, to meet the needs of the modern oil, gas, chemical and process industries of Turkmenistan. In connection with the increase and development of the range of services offered from maintenance, to the forms of a comprehensive and complete proposal in a field of design, engineering and construction, or “Turnkey Solutions”, as well as the development of the company's infrastructure, in the immediate vicinity of country's industrial and logistics center on the Caspian Sea – in 2013 we decided to move the main resources of company on an ongoing basis to Turkmenbashy city.

Today, in addition to material and technical resources and long experience in the field of industrial design, construction and maintenance in the chemical and oil and gas industries, our company has a rich portfolio of completed work, some of which we may proudly present to you.

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