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Our bolt tensioning and hydraulic equipment services offer customers comprehensive project management solutions, from tool selection, bolt load calculation to determination of the appropriate hydraulic equipment. This approach allows you to manage the entire package of bolt tension, eliminating multitasking for our customers and providing a single package of services for all technical solutions. Our company has a wide range of hydraulic tools made from various grades of hard steel, serviced and calibrated by our highly qualified specialists. In addition to working with bolts, we have additional tools and equipment in the form of hydraulic torque wrenches, hose reels, pump units, hydraulic cutters, impact wrenches, grinders and choppers.

Hot bolting or replacing corrosion bolts on flanged joints during active use

Heavily corroded bolts on flanged joints leave owners uncertain of true reliability of the bolts. Complete replacement options can be an expensive process, and require a shutdown of production process or a delay in decision making, leaving corroded bolts in place with the possibility of an emergency.

Our solution. Our company presents a solution for situation, ensuring the restoration of reliability the flange connection to its original condition – in safe, effective and cost-effectiveness manner, by providing hot clamping.

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