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Detailed design engineering

The basic technological parameters of the project, formed at the stage of basic engineering design, form the basis for the further successful implementation of front-end engineering design, which includes procurement, construction and commissioning processes, providing the customer with additional valuable information necessary to complete the discussion and evaluate the implementation of the project in order to transition to the next stage – detailed design engineering.

Detailed design engineering

Detailed design engineering covers a much wider range of issues than plans and materials for construction, taking into account each elements of production at each stage of the operational period of your asset – from basic engineering design to construction, productive operation and subsequent decommissioning. We provide comprehensive solutions to the most complex problems, from the preparation of feasibility studies and preliminary design to comprehensive projects to create new facilities and re-equip existing ones, including design, procurement and construction. Our engineers have the necessary experience and knowledge, they are ready to cope with any technical difficulties, developing projects of any scale and complexity for any terrain.

Our services include

• Determination scope of design work and the cost of proposal.
• Industrial project performance and production indicators.
• Balances of materials, heat, energy and waste.
• Process flow diagrams.
• Descriptions of processes and technologies.
• Lists of equipment and specifications.
• Pipelines and instrumentation.
• Basic means of controlling the production process.
• Site plans and layout schemes.
• Safety of processes.

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