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Evaluation & cost analysis

Evaluation and drawing up an accurate commercial construction budget are the most important part of any project.

We believe that our participation in the beginning of project will accelerate the implementation of works and will be the key to the full and successful implementation of project. Our company will work closely with a team of architects, engineers and designers during the creation process, providing valuable information on the choice of materials, methods of construction and planning for commissioning.

Evaluation & cost analysis

This cooperation allows us to be sure that the project budget remains unchanged. We are confident that engineering development and cost estimation are much more than reducing the overall project cost. Our engineers and project managers use several different methods of analysis and evaluation when preparing a project budget or evaluating its value.

Having experience in designing and regularly updating a database of necessary components for a planned and created object, using a map of historical data on expenses for already completed projects and using modern BIM programs for information modeling of buildings or technical objects, we can provide the closest estimate for use in preliminary review of cost analysis. Revit, as BIM software, covers wider and more complete range of necessary information as new requirements and specifications for project are being collected. These tools, along with digital analysis software, allow our engineers to make informed decisions on cost analysis.

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