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Maintenance engineering

Tehniki hyzmat etmek

Техническое обслуживание

Maintenance engineering

Our company provides a full range of services for maintenance and repair of facilities, mining, oil and gas, chemical and energy industries, as well as equipment of our customers. We specialize in preventative maintenance solutions based on technical condition, preferring it to expensive reconditioning technical repairs. The practical skills, systems and processes needed to efficiently maintain assets throughout their entire life cycle are critical for provision of effective services.

Ishengir differs from its competitors in the main advantages in the field of electrical and mechanical services, which provide our customers with in-depth knowledge and experience in industrial maintenance, which have no analogues in Turkmenistan.

Our ability to integrate planning services, mechanics, electricians, instrumentation, scaffolding and insulation in maintenance system of industrial facilities sets us apart in the industry and allows us to maximize efficiency by reducing costs and improving safety performance.

We believe in a long-term partnership approach, in which our project team, together with the client, works on solving problems and identifying improvements. Our experienced project management team and field leaders encourage our employees to be more flexible, more active, and deliver a high-quality service.

We analyze the approach to servicing each client at strategic level in order to optimize the service program for the type of production

Onsite: using highly qualified technical personnel, Ishengir carries out maintenance at the level of international standards, minimizing risks and reducing overall maintenance costs without compromising safety.

Off-site: at industrial facilities with an increased density of equipment, Ishengir has its own workshops for efficient cost planning and customer service.

We understand the long-term prospects of our clients in asset management and help them realize their goals, focusing on actions to minimize or eliminate wear and tear while safely performing everyday operational functions.
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