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Risk assessment

Töwekgelligiň derňewi

Анализ и оценка риска

Risk assessment

The concepts of "production process" and "technological process" is close in meaning, but not identical. The technological process, as a rule, is part of the production process, when a number of technological processes are used in course of production activities. The production process is the totality of all the actions necessary in the implementation of the project, and the technological process is a process that implements some technology in process of project implementation.

Mitigating risks, optimizing and ensuring the safety of the production and technological process are the main priorities for each project or active asset. We offer the solutions that a company needs to provide all three aspects. On each project and the technologies that we supply, we are responsible for providing appropriate solutions that maximize productivity, cost-effectiveness and safety.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we conduct an analysis of possible risks and determine strategies for responding to unexpected situations in order to ensure effective management of possible threats to which the facility is exposed during productive operation.

We are defined success by ensuring safety and security for each project that we implement

Having many years of experience in implementing various types of projects, we have accumulated practical knowledge that we can apply to optimize processes in your production, maximizing the productivity of your facilities. We always pay special attention to the safety of both our own and our customers, offering tools to increase the level of safety at the facility by reporting incidents using wearable technical equipment. Our customers trust us to provide these solutions because they understand that it is not so much what you produce that matters, but how efficiently and safely you do it.

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