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Electrical & instrumentation

Ishengir has significant experience in implementing projects in a field of electrical equipment and automation of both onshore and offshore infrastructure for chemical, oil & gas and energy industries. Reducing operating costs, increasing operating life and optimizing service efficiency are the main areas of modern industry where problems are arising, and our specialists understand them well.

Electrical & instrumentation

Our integrated services allow to manage all aspects of workflow or project, including design, planning, engineering, project management, procurement and supply of materials, installation and testing of equipment, and commissioning. Regular analysis and maintenance carried out by our project teams increase process effectiveness in a project. Our design teams provide a number of support functions, including changing drawings and project documentation, manufacturing work packages and purchasing materials. As necessary, we integrate additional services for provision of scaffolding, rigging equipment, and specialists to provide individual solutions to the specific project requirements.

Our efficiency

• Provision of services for full project life cycle – design, implementation of project, maintenance, calibration and certification.
• Work with low-voltage distribution electric networks up to high-voltage installations.
• In providing a full range of tools and technical management tools.
• Cost-cutting systems for civil, industrial and municipal construction.
• Customized service and inspection solutions to meet your specific needs.
• Special access solutions, including industrial mountaineering, providing cost-effective installation methods.

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