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Advance design engineering

Modern design of structures for the mining, chemical, oil & gas, and energy industries, has become a priority. At present, the complexity and complexity of problems that need to be solved in the process of designing and creating structures of a qualitatively new level, involving the use of the most important achievements of basic sciences, design and technology, increased protection, considering modern economic, social and environmental requirements, have grown hugely.

These tasks are solved at the stage of advanced design engineering, when it is possible to comprehensively analyze the design options considering the large number of requirements that go beyond the basic technical design. These are solutions to complex technical problems that arise in the conditions of a project in an aggressive environment with high requirements, which use advanced analytical methods and innovative solutions to reduce risks during operation of the facilities.

Advance design engineering

As companies struggle to maximize their potential and develop deposits on super-deep horizons and in harsher climatic conditions and in an aggressive environment, they will inevitably face and overcome the growing technical difficulties that inevitably cast doubt on the application of traditional design solutions.

Using our vast knowledge, technical professionalism and a creative approach, in solving problems with practical experience in normative documentation on the design of structures in order to provide innovative solutions to complex problems, we design structures that can withstand various types natural disasters including technogenic origin.

Our services include

• Assessment of ultimate loads.
• Linear analysis of compliance with specifications of normative and technical documentation.
• Non-linear analysis, including materials and geometric effects.
• Analysis of strength under dynamic impact.
• Dynamic analysis, including archival data of natural disasters.
• Risk and reliability analysis.
• Analysis of ultimate strength.
• Ultimate element analysis.
• Analysis of strength in the collision of objects.

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