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Non-destructive testing

We will increase the reliability of your assets using specialized NDT methods.

Using the most modern equipment and advanced control methods, our experts will effectively ensure a high level of security for your assets. We carry out not only inspection work, but also can provide technical support and advice for the efficient operation of your assets.

Non-destructive testing

New environmental and legislative norms also increase the requirements for processing facilities of both existing and projects under implementation. Understanding conditions of structures, the manufacturing process and materials used is an absolute must. The results determine the approach to future effective preventative and maintenance services that ensures the continuity of your production process, providing optimum safety and savings on operating costs.

When malfunction leads to shut down or forced exit from active use, the NDT is an ideal tool to determine extent of damage that has occurred. This allows corrective maintenance to be performed quickly, efficiently and cost-effectiveness. In addition, during the commissioning procedure, NDT is often required to be carried out in accordance with technical regulations or established standards in accordance with state legislation.

Our efficiency

• Individual approach and solutions.
• Advice & technical support.
• Improved service processes.
• Services throughout Turkmenistan.
• High quality standards.
• Modern equipment.
• Fast mobilization.
• Specialization in welding inspection.
• Optimum safety.
• Compliance.

Our services

• Visual Inspection and Metrology.
• Magnetic Particle Inspection MPI.
• Ultrasonic Testing.
• Dye penetrant inspection.
• Eddy-current testing.
• Radiography.
• Positive Material Identification PMI.
• Holiday Testing.

We can also offer additional methods using advanced technologies to improve the traditional method of NDT. Our company, having advanced capabilities and relations with companies with advanced experience, is able to provide the highest-level technical solutions for the accurate detection of manufacturing and operational defects.

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