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Tanks and vessel fabrication

Production of storage tanks and pressure vessels.

We are offer a comprehensive package of services for the tanks and vessel fabrication projects, which includes concept definition, design, detailed design, procurement, fabrication, site development, foundation and tank construction, painting and commissioning, as well as operator training. Our projects include everything from individual tanks to complex storage terminals.

Tanks and vessel fabrication

Our solutions for storing oil and gas, energy, water and wastewater, as well as for steel and mining industries, include

• Storage tanks at ambient temperature.
• Bulk materials storage terminal.
• Cryogenic products tanks and terminals.
• Liquefied natural gas storage tanks.
• High pressure tanks and spheres.
• Thermal energy storage tanks.
• Water storage tanks.

Our solutions include open atmospheric storage systems for various industries

We can provide standard storage configurations or custom design systems for specific needs:

Fixed roof tanks:
• Self-supporting supported conical roofs.
• Self-supporting domed roofs.
• Hard umbrella roofs.

Floating roof tanks:
• Internal and external.
• Welded steel pallets.
• Pontoons.
• Double deck.

Special atmospheric tanks:
• Open top tank.
• Raised tanks with a conical bottom.
• Silos.
• Bunkers.

Most modern designed tanks are made from carbon steel. But we can also fabricate tanks using alternative materials such as aluminum, stainless steel or special steels to suit customers' specific requirements. Our experience, technical capabilities, fabrication & construction resources allow us to offer a wide range of storage solutions and excellent results for our customers.

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