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Environmental consulting

Eekologiýa soraglary boýunça maslahatlar

Консультации по вопросам экологии

Environmental consulting

To protect the planet, need something more than just good intentions

In front of modern industry, environmental issues arise in almost any field of activity, regardless of whether your facilities is a large production complex or a mining company, in all these cases you may need advice on environmental issues and environmental standards and interaction with organizations fulfilling these requirements.

Planning for a sustainable infrastructure for a future project begins with a full assessment of the situation, at the preliminary design stage, where it is necessary to conduct environmental engineering surveys with the preparation of a specialized report, in a volume sufficient to pass the expertise. The implementation of this type of research is aimed at obtaining comprehensive information about the natural conditions of the territory, in order to best account for and use them in design of facilities.

The main task of conducting environmental surveys is to assess the pollution of environmental components by conducting chemical-analytical studies and assessing the current condition and forecasting possible changes in the environment and ecology under the influence of anthropogenic impact during the implementation of projects and their subsequent introduction into productive operation.

When planning the project infrastructure and natural resources management, we use an interdisciplinary approach, which includes scientific data on ecology and environment of the region, technical design and planning. In the design and planning process, we consider both environmental and social factors that allow us to implement the project, allowing to prevent subsequent harmful effects on the environment and ecology or mitigating it, providing the final positive result.

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