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We are progressive thinkers, principled professionals and trusted partners, but most importantly, we are a group of people who are passionate about positive changes in our society and in our industry. We constantly strive for the best - our mission, which has made us professionals in the services we provide, encourages us to inspire innovation and improve security.

Details are matter, and not one is not too small; no any problem is too big; and as a result of this relentless pursuit of better, we are transforming our industry and setting new standards that others must follow.

Our commitment to improving our industry and to the benefit of society in which we live is part of our heritage.

We are unwavering
in our commitment
to the characteristics that define us as a company:

Let's find innovative ways to build and produce better - for the client - for the project - for success. Our mission is to advance progress as a means to find the best way to do everything. We preserve what worked best for our projects in the past, we practice what works best today, and we are always looking for ideas to help us do it even better - tomorrow.


P.B. 745 000 Turkmenbashy city, 21 Pushkina str.

P.B. 745 000 Balkan area, Kianly, Ishengir supply base


Tel: +99365070040

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