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Construction management

As construction managers, we act as contractors for the customer, providing administrative and management services from planning to construction and commissioning and as a representative of customer, but we are not in this case construction contractor in classical sense of this definition. Nevertheless, at the same time, we are at the same time involved in project with the design team, which contributes to active participation in monitoring the progress of design work and considering the requirements for building manufacturability, which requires an exceptionally high level of supervision, expert knowledge and controlling the construction schedule, adjusting it in order to minimize construction time.

Construction management

The essence of construction management is to simultaneously control the cost, timing and quality of work, ensuring the requirements set by customer. In this form of the companies, leading construction works are subordinated not to general contractor, as in traditional form of contract, but not directly to the customer, whose representative we are.

Construction management services include

• Contract preparation.
• Planning and coordination of design.
• Cost control.
• Zero management of change requests.
• Work schedule control.
• Coordination of work on project.
• Project monitoring and safety service.
• Commissioning and warranty service.

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