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Valve services

Klapanlara hyzmat etmek

Обслуживание клапанов

Valve services

Our company provides specialized services for periodic and preventive maintenance of valves. Properly functioning control and shut-off valves and pressure relief valves are vital for the safe and efficient operation piping network of your facility and for integrity of your equipment. We provide not only periodic and preventive maintenance, but we can also provide effective project management for maintenance, to ensure continuous and correct operation.

Ishengir can quickly solve all the problems associated with valves

We provide a comprehensive maintenance process, from dismantling, overhaul, subsequent testing in our workshops, reinstallation and commissioning, and, if necessary, a full replacement on site. You can also contact us for specific services or advice, our comprehensive range of services is available on an individual basis.

Due to our high mobility on domestic market of Turkmenistan, we can provide our customers with a quick response for emergency repairs or carry out a full mobilization for the necessary overhaul. Our company has its own storage resources, and can offer extensive stocks of components for control, shut-off safety valves. In addition, we have our own repair workshops and all the necessary equipment for testing, which can also be mobilized to facility in any part of the country as soon as possible.

Working with us, you can be sure that Ishengir will provide:


• professional, integrated, comprehensive and modular services;

• flexibility, quality and reliability.

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