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We offer scaffolding solutions that maximize safety, reduce risks and costs.

For more than 10 years on every project in which our company takes part, we cannot do without the use of scaffolding. Our many years of experience in the safe use of scaffolding are the knowledge and professionalism of our employees, who use the latest systems and innovations to increase safety and efficiency while reducing costs.


Our solutions

• A full range of services for the provision of scaffolding for any requirements and conditions for onshore and offshore projects.
• Well-established procedures for design, installation and dismantling of scaffolding.
• Extensive technical knowledge and design experience in scaffolding construction.

We have technical knowledge and design capabilities, temporary support structures, cantilever and suspended access, load-bearing structures, temporary structures, covered structures, bridges and other design solutions. We have our own established procedures for the design, installation and dismantling of scaffolding, which are fully consistent with national and international standards. Our company has a sufficient number of its own scaffoldings, ready for deployment on onshore or at offshore.

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