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Basic engineering design

Basic engineering design plays a critical role in the success of each project. It includes the development of a general concept of the projected object, the formation of a feasibility study, the formation of tasks for the design and preparation of the project process. We provide conceptual design services for onshore, offshore and underwater structures, for projects of any size and complexity.

Basic engineering design

Basic engineering design is an important step for cost control, subsequent optimization and confirmation of the project implementation strategy. The application of our experience and knowledge at this stage minimizes delays, reduces risks and reduces costs. High-quality conceptual design will reduce the number of subsequent changes in the project, providing greater confidence in the success of the final result and help to realize the strategic objectives of your project. In the process of conceptual design, methods that add value to the project are used to match the high level of its implementation, long-term reliability and performance of your assets.

Our basic engineering design services include

• Analysis and strategic assessment of the business.
• Detailed project implementation planning.
• Plans for staff training, commissioning and commissioning.
• Supply and material management plan.
• Safety and quality management plan.
• Cost management and structural analysis.
• Site plan and equipment location.
• List of equipment and specifications.
• Reports on value-adding methods.
• Preparation and submission of requests for submission of price proposals and environmental permits.
• Evaluation and improvement of technological projects.
• Estimate of capital costs.
• Reports on the implementation of construction under the project.

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