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Valve inspection

By focusing on maintenance costs, you increase valve reliability, equipment safety and continuous operation.

Valve maintenance is a critical factor during a full-scale shutdown of the production process in order to repair equipment in large plants and factories, since with shutdown production systems, effective maintenance planning is essential to reduce costs and downtime.

Ishengir uses advanced and innovative methods of inspection and diagnostics to assess the status of control, shut-off and safety valves. This assessment determines which valves require immediate repair or replacement, greatly simplifying planning for upcoming maintenance. Such phased assessment leads to the planning and focus of the maintenance budgets for valves that need it directly. This approach helps to reduce the maintenance costs of valve by half.

Valve inspection

Operating costs are reduced by

• Improving the reliability of critical valves in the system, due to the increased inspection.
• Concentration of expenses on maintenance and overhaul of only those valves that need it.
• Increased efficiency in planning a full-scale shutdown of production process and the identification of damaged valves at an early stage, allowing careful planning of subsequent maintenance and purchase of necessary components in advance.

Based on the critical conditions of production process and the history of overhauls, Ishengir together with the client makes a choice of valves for subsequent inspection and, depending on the type of valve, one or more test processes are carried out on our equipment, which is subsequently used by specialists to carry out the assessment. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, test processes are carried out either before the shutdown of production process or at the beginning of it.

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