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Modular construction

Production of panels with technical communications and component assembly.

These are structures of internal or external walls, or floors, assembled or fabricated in a distant location in controlled environment. The panels have a wide range of material options, the presence of embedded communications, and installed on construction site upon delivery on the site to complete internal partitions or assembly of external walls.

Modular construction

Large components assembly

Once a sceptic relation to idea of component or large component assembly, intended primarily for industrial construction with reduced lead timeline, prefabricated construction in civil engineering is now considered to be universal best industry practice. Companies in all construction sectors around the world are investing in it, customers are intrigued by its savings potential, and project staff integrates it in such a way that it forever changes the traditional supply chain in construction.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is not a hug, but a promising new level of benefits that we see. Almost all companies with experience in industrial construction are aware of the initial benefits:

• Reduction of work and failures at construction site.
• Improving labor safety.
• Reducing risks and increasing quality by transferring work to controlled fabrication environment.
• Increase the schedule efficiency.

Our company is no exception, and we are actively introducing modern innovative and technologically simplified methods for the production of building components and already have full-fledged infrastructure and equipment. Today it is a new page that predestinate the equation of future value for clients and construction companies.

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