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Composite repair

Kompozitli materiallar bilen abatlaýyş

Ремонт композитными материалами

Composite repair

Use of composite materials for fast, efficient and cost-effectiveness repair of pipeline components and infrastructure

Outdated infrastructure and pipe corrosion of manufacturing assets requires ongoing costly maintenance and repair, being a serious industry problem. Our company provides a wide range of integrated solutions providing leak elimination, pipe sealing, as well as holding and strengthening flat, deformed, and complex curved surfaces. Due to their high adhesive properties and high resistance to extreme climatic conditions and aggressive chemical environments, they are time-tested in active use.

Composite materials are not just a high-tech product – it is a complete solution for pipe repair and structural reinforcement.

Today, there is a wide range of composite materials and technological solutions on the market that are specifically designed to support and facilitate the extension of asset life through flexible, efficient and cost-effective repairs, piping and infrastructure components, or tank surface restoration for both external and internal use. Ishengir offers a comprehensive approach to repair and rehabilitation of pipelines and infrastructure, using composite materials, which eliminates the need to attract several contractors.

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