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We well understand the problems of successful commissioning of both new and reconstructed facilities and have professional experience. We provide commissioning services both for new facilities and after the completion of a major reconstruction as re-commissioning. We can also conduct an assessment and commissioning of facilities after reconstruction for tenants.

Acceptance of the constructed facility by the state acceptance commission or acceptance commission is carried out when it is fully ready in accordance with the approved project and if there is a positive conclusion from the working commission, which includes:

• Representative of the customer or investor – chairman of the commission.
• Representative of the developer of engineering design documentation, representatives of designers (developers of special sections of the project).
• Representative of the contractor (general contractor or subcontractor).
• Representatives of operating organizations.
• Representatives of the services of state sanitary and epidemiological surveillance, state fire control, other surveillance bodies – at their discretion, depending on the purpose of the project and its further operation.

In some cases, the commissioning of the constructed facility is carried out by the owner (customer or investor) independently.

During the construction of an object by the developer, an organization of a complex type, a working commission is created by order of the organization’s leadership from the responsible representatives of the units performing the basic organizational functions of the customer, designer and contractor, with the involvement of responsible representatives of operating organizations and, if necessary, supervisory authorities. The conclusion of the working commission with the annexes is transmitted to the organization’s management.

A comprehensive check of the readiness of the facility for acceptance into operation is carried out at the expense of the customer. In the process of a comprehensive check of the readiness of an object for acceptance into operation, a working commission:

• Checks the completeness, content and execution of documentation submitted by the contractor (general contractor, subcontractors).

• Assesses compliance of completed building structures with the requirements of design documentation.

• Performs testing and testing of technological equipment and engineering systems.

• Carries out verification of the implementation of the comments and instructions of representatives of technical, architectural supervision, state bodies of supervision listed in the technical and architectural supervision journals and the general work journal.

• Can check compliance with the requirements for the reliability of the results of control,
measurements and tests.

• Can verify the reliability of executive geodetic schemes submitted by the contractor (general contractor, subcontractors) if this control was not performed during the intermediate acceptance of critical structures.

Based on the results of a comprehensive audit, the working commission draws up a conclusion on the readiness of the facility for acceptance into operation.

If deviations from the requirements of project documentation and regulatory documents are found in structures, technological equipment, engineering networks, decoration of the facility required for acceptance and improvement of the territory adjacent to it, the working commission draws a conclusion on the incomplete readiness of the facility for acceptance into operation and applies a list of detected defects to it. The conclusion of the working commission, drawn up in the prescribed manner, is submitted to the customer along with the above list of detected defects, if any.

The customer presents a list of defects discovered by the working commission (if any) to the contractor for their elimination within the time period determined by agreement with the contractor. The object completed by construction after a comprehensive check of its readiness, the customer submits to the State Acceptance Commission or Acceptance Commission for the acceptance of the object into operation in accordance with the legislation on architectural, urban planning and construction activities. At the same time, the customer provides the commission with a set of documents, as well as a set of engineering documentation received by him from the contractor, if necessary.

Having extensive experience in the construction of various facilities of both the civil and industrial sectors, and the subsequent successful commissioning of all completed projects, we can be sure that our customers will not experience problems during the above procedures during commissioning.

Also, our company, having a staff of specialists in both civil and industrial construction, can offer services for the preliminary assessment of a completed project, prior to its commissioning and identification of its shortcomings or deviations in the construction, from the initially installed engineering design documentation, timely and prompt the identification and elimination of which will reduce time and subsequent costs in the process of active productive operation.

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