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Complex tasks and innovative solutions

Comprehensive services for projects of all sizes – we have the knowledge, experience and ability to provide ready-made EPCC solutions and full life cycle support for any project or asset, no matter how difficult the environment is – simplifying processes and adding value.


We work for a number of industries and provide such services as a turnkey solution and project support throughout the life cycle to a wide range of customers. No matter how complex your task may be, our experts have sufficient experience and qualifications to find an effective and long-term solution in any situation.

EPCC – Turnkey solution

The implementation of industrial projects in our time, the process is complex and multifaceted than ever before, and when many suppliers of various technologies, services and solutions are involved in them, this further increases the complexity and number of potential problems in the process of its implementation. Thanks to our vast experience in the provision of turnkey solutions for design, procurement, production and construction using flexible, task-oriented commercial structures, our company simplifies processes, optimizes data exchange and provides flexible implementation of initiatives of any scale. As a company that implements complex solutions covering various markets and industrial sectors, we offer individual solutions of the required turnkey project scale that meet the requirements and goals of your business, providing benefits and efficiency that can only be achieved with a reliable supplier.


Planning is often required when working on large-scale engineering tasks. We always comply with the principles of social responsibility and are ready to provide this service to any customer. A flexible design approach allows us to consider all environmental aspects and provide maximum environmental protection.


For over 10 years, we have been implementing complex projects in any environment – regardless of their complexity. Our success is the result of the efforts of our employees and use of innovative high-tech systems for project management in areas such as technology, design, procurement, production and construction. Having experience in coordinated integration of solutions, we ensure timely, safe and reliable execution of projects within the established budget.


Reconstruction and modernization of objects

Reconstruction and upgrading of the facility can extend the period of productive operation of existing assets, significantly expanding opportunities in comparison with their primary purpose and operating conditions. We provide comprehensive solutions to achieve new goals and increase efficiency.

Constantly arising problems in world markets related to price fluctuations, changes in conditions of industrial and production operation and technological progress are inevitable. But existing assets can be upgraded and modified, adapted to overcome these problems, improving technical characteristics and production indicators. Using our experience and knowledge, we analyze and evaluate the design specification and determine the best way to adapt to new operating conditions.

Our experts apply their knowledge and experience in the areas of design, procurement, production, construction, operation and maintenance and are ready to provide detailed research and the necessary technical analysis and audit, supported by specialized software, dynamic and 3D modeling. Before recommending further actions and execution strategies, we analyze and evaluate already installed and used equipment for the presence or possibility of retrospective modernization of protection systems to ensure operation in new operating conditions.

Our company is a reliable partner in the successful completion of the reconstruction or modification and modernization of onshore, offshore and underwater facilities. You may use our reconstruction services in the following cases:

• Modernization of exhausted and worn out production assets.
• Reprofiling existing assets.
• Improving the efficiency and operability of existing assets.
• Adaptation to compliance with new and existing environmental standards, and legislation.

Management of production & technical assets

Maximum increase in production during the productive life operation of assets, in a safe and cost-effective way, is the main goal of any operator or facility owner. We provide comprehensive solutions for managing condition of production and technical assets which are necessary to achieve these goals.


Our approach to improving operational activities is a process of continuous improvement with an analysis of assets, risk assessment and performance of all systems, in order to achieve the maximum benefit our customers can get from their assets. We work with clients to create individual plans for managing the status of their assets, adapting them to specific requirements and goals, to develop sustainable, adaptable, safe and cost-effective programs.


To manage the state of industrial and technical structures, mechanical equipment, pipelines, offshore and underwater structures, as well as to extend the productive life of assets, we consider onshore and offshore facilities in the complex, assessing possible risks during the remaining period of their operation. Thanks to our practical experience, reliable and time-tested methodologies, constantly introducing innovations, we provide individual solutions based on the assessment of possible risks, developed for specific assets with the aim of possible options for improving processes and systems.

Our services include:


• Management, analysis and assessment condition of onshore structures.
• Management, analysis and assessment condition of mechanical equipment.
• Management, analysis and assessment condition of pipelines.
• Management, analysis and assessment of the condition of offshore and underwater structures.
• Extension of the productive life of assets.

Production process management

Production process, which forms the basis of enterprise, consists a set of organizational actions that decide and help the implementation of the process aimed at fulfilling the adopted production plan. For more than 10 years we have been helping our clients in the industrial and civil fields, who work in complex and dynamic conditions, maintain integrity by optimizing the performance of most significant assets.


In collaboration with customers, we evaluate and develop solutions for full life cycle of the production process, which are complemented by our experience in project implementation and knowledge in field of monitoring, maintenance, reconstruction and upgrading of plants and facilities at all stages of their operations. Being in a tireless search for innovative ways to use automation tools and predictable analytics, we offer our customers experience and knowledge that allows us to use innovations for non-standard solutions that ensure economic efficiency and high quality.


Based on close cooperation with our partners, as well as on unique opportunities in the field of automation, artificial intelligence, cognitive machine learning and the introduction of latest technologies, we can optimize production, extend the period of operation and improve performance for the long term.

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