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Plastic piping

Plastic pipes mean quality, reliability and uninterrupted operation.

Ishengir specializes in the use of high-quality plastic pipes in chemical and oil & gas industries, where it contributes to the quality, safety and continuity of production facilities. We have knowledge and experience in application and maintenance all types of needs plastic pipes in industrial production.

Plastic piping

Our solutions

• Our main target is safety and quality.
• Our staff has knowledge, experience and all the necessary certification for any installation of plastic pipes.
• Full range of installation and maintenance.
• High resource mobility and flexible organization.
• We supply design and application in one proposal.
• A wide range of services, provides an integrated approach to project implementation.
• Specialized knowledge of installation and maintenance.

We can install a new prefabricated formation or composite pipeline and optimize the use of existing pipelines. Our qualified staff is certified for any application of plastic piping solutions and applies its knowledge and experience in installation and maintenance in a client interest.

Our services include

• Design and installation.
• Maintenance and optimization of existing pipelines.
• Inspection of plastic tanks.
• Application and implementation of both onshore and offshore infrastructure.
• Consulting and engineering on specific projects in accordance with product specifications.
• Repair of plastic components and equipment.

Our engineers have direct contact with manufacturers and suppliers. In absence of necessary exact specifications, Ishengir help you choose the necessary material that is most suitable for use on your project or assets. We keep up with modern developments and innovative solutions in a market of plastic and composite materials and can offer the best quality, effective solution and most favorable offer. We will help you realize your ambitious decisions.

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