Design & engineering

Design & engineering

Design to solve complex problems

Our engineering design capabilities have always been an integral part of our services, facilitating creative cooperation, which leads to a more efficient project implementation process and effective solutions for each design task. Based on our many years of experience, our company offers comprehensive engineering services, ranging from conceptual design, to commissioning.

We provide design services for both small and large, the most technically complex projects, followed by operation in an unfavorable and aggressive environment, using innovative solutions to overcome the problems of our customers. From complex turnkey engineering and design solutions that integrate with other solutions, to individual services for any phase of the life cycle of your project, we apply practical experience and knowledge, providing solutions for any project or operating facilities.

We approach each project through a phased process that links learning and design, procurement and supply, manufacturing and production, construction and installation, both onshore and offshore. Our main target is to provide safe, efficiently managed and cost-effective projects that meet the highest requirements of our customers.

Our engineering services include

• Conceptual design.
• Preliminary design.
• Detailed technical design.
• Feasibility study.
• Process design.
• Prospective design of structures.
• Construction design.
• Installation work.
• Commissioning and start-up.

We have a wide range of resources for solving all aspects of any technical task, with a focus on civil and industrial engineering, as well as an analysis of life safety and compliance with established technical standards. Our experience shows that the most successful projects involve earlier collaboration between key employees of the project management team during planning and design – usually this is the customer, architect, engineer, contractor and key suppliers.

We establish common features of the project development direction, common processes and a clear management structure. This contributes to continuous communication throughout the life of project. Collaboration at an early stage of the project leads to a more complete plan and a more detailed and detailed budget. In addition, we use a continuous assessment process: a paradigm shift from the traditional view that the assessment process ends when construction begins. We continue to improve our plans as the project develops and are working to achieve our goals more efficiently both in design and in budget.

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Technology and innovation
3D CAD design and virtual layout
4D design
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