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Mechanical construction

Mehanika boýunça hyzmatlar

Услуги по механике

Mechanical construction

Ishengir has knowledge and proven experience in implementation and management of industrial construction in projects for installation of equipment, mechanical and pipeline systems in oil and gas, chemical and energy sectors. We have extensive experience in installation of equipment both in new facilities and in projects for modification and upgrading of equipment and infrastructure in industrial facilities, both as a main contractor and as a subcontractor.

We offer comprehensive services from design and project management to procurement, preparatory work, electrical and mechanical work, and commissioning. We have all necessary design and engineering procedures for managing industrial construction projects of all types, sizes and complexity. Industrial construction and installation directly at facility is carried out by our experienced fitters, welders and employees of design and engineering departments, who have extensive experience in implementing projects as managers. Ishengir has all necessary resources for the safe, effective and timely implementation of project.

Our possibilities include

• Services for fabrication and construction of mechanical and pipeline systems.
• Contractors and subcontractor’s management and coordination of civil works.
• Risk analysis, procurement and delivery, work preparation and project planning.
• Project supervision and support by qualified and experienced technicians.
• Documentation on management and quality assurance.
• Pre-fabrication to optimize project at our fabrication facilities.
• Safe and predictable project implementation.

Modern forms of implementing projects in industrial construction field have much higher difficulties in planning and implementing projects than in civil engineering or civil infrastructure construction. For this, our company separately develops for each project an individual system for managing work flow, operations and processes to monitor the implementation of interdisciplinary projects and their modifications. In a core of each system, we carry out preparation of preliminary works and further management of:

• Piping prefabrication & field installation.
• Mechanical.
• Post weld heat treatment.
• NDT.
• Electrical & Instrumentation.
• Steel structures & Structures from composite materials.
• Painting, Insulation & Scaffolding.

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