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Mechanical maintenance

Mehaniki enjamlara hyzmat etmek

Механическое оборудование

Mechanical maintenance

Ishengir is your reliable service partner

The reliability, availability of equipment, tools, materials, components, and extension of assets life are important maintenance issues. This requires constant investment and attention of management to technical personnel, materials, components and manage information. A large number of industrial companies around the world make a strategic decision to concentrate on running their business and conclude comprehensive maintenance contracts.

Ishengir is a well-known partner in Turkmenistan in the field of maintenance of industrial mechanics and special works in mechanics. Our goal is to increase productivity and reduce total operating costs.

We provide maintenance services throughout the entire life cycle: maintenance management, project management, design, planning, procurement and production, installation and commissioning, adapting to the client’s requirements with the highest standards of quality and safety of all provided services.

In many maintenance cases, we combine the following interdisciplinary services

• Maintenance of electrical equipment and devices.
• Services in mechanics and maintenance of pipelines.
• Maintenance of connections and bolts.
• Valve service.
• Maintenance of pumping equipment.
• Heat treatment services.
• Maintenance of vessels, tanks and high-pressure equipment.
• Services in specialized workshops.

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