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Pre-construction services

Success of the project depends on how effective pre-construction process is, and we take every step to ensure that ours is best in industry. From budget, planning, to aesthetic goals, we jointly, comprehensively and successfully manage pre-construction to ensure optimum value for client.

We begin to work on the details and organization of construction plans already at the preliminary stage of construction, and our engineering and design team works closely with the client to manage the project implementation process and its successful completion.

Pre-construction services

Overview of construction technology and pre-construction services

Our design and engineering team acting a critical role at every stage of the project. We work with design and construction professionals to research and resolve any issues that may arise in design documentation that may cause a problem at the initial stage of construction work. From the beginning till completion of project, we assist the project engineering team in updating budget planning, regularly holding meetings to discuss all issues, including critical ones, on preliminary construction at all its stages. Continuous and reliable communication is crucial to presenting of successful project.

Pre-construction services include

• Valuation and budgeting.
• Cost analysis.
• Overview of project technology and life cycle analysis.
• Identification and ordering of materials with a long delivery term.
• Analysis of project and its support.
• Project planning.

Our company constantly reviews plans with each update, managing project budget and build a quality control system. Our vision of excellence in construction is based on idea that our team is a continuation of our client, and with reliable communication and fruitful cooperation, there will be no suddenness in process of project implementation. We listen and ask, we work closely with the client to fulfill his vision with complete satisfaction.

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