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Valve diagnostics & repair

Valve maintenance is a critical factor during a full-scale shutdown of production process in order to repair equipment in large plants and factories, since with shutdown production systems, effective maintenance planning is essential to reduce costs and downtime.

Valve diagnostics & repair

Ishengir uses advanced and innovative methods of inspection and diagnostics to assess the status of control, shut-off and safety valves. This assessment determines which valves require immediate repair or replacement, greatly simplifying planning for upcoming maintenance. Such phased assessment leads to planning and focus of the maintenance budgets for valves that need it directly.

We can apply comprehensive solutions in the maintenance of control and shut-off valves and pressure relief valves: from dismantling, overhaul, subsequent testing in our workshops, reinstallation and commissioning, and, if necessary, a full on-site replacement.

Project and maintenance management

Working closely with clients, we organize project planning and, if necessary, complete management in the interests of client. Maintenance policies are critical to achieving continuity in production. Our ability to put the concept into practice gives us a vision of superior technical service. We can help you define the optimal inspection frequency for your valves and their connections, as well as schedule of preventative maintenance. Having knowledge and experience in the project management system, we work together with the client and for the client to achieve the main goal of optimizing costs, and saving resources and funds for maintenance.

Testing and reporting

We have our own full-fledged testing workshop for valves and connectors, which allows us to check in practical conditions the operating status of control and shut-off valves and pressure relief valves, for compliance with the manufacturer's technical specifications, after repair or major repairs.

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