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Comprehensive maintenance

Toplumlaýyn tehniki

Комплексное техническое обслуживание

Comprehensive maintenance

We, working in partnership with customers, their suppliers and contractors, using our vast knowledge and experience in planning and performing a wide range of maintenance services, using best practices based on many years of experience in onshore and offshore sectors.

Our turn-key maintenance offer is provided through specialized multicomponent design and engineering team, to reduce the number of additional requests of our customers to third-party service providers, as necessary, we develop an interdisciplinary approach to completing the engineering staff of design team who are competent in various types of activities, reducing the burden on staffing levels.

Our extensive set of equipment, tools, machineries and warehouses with materials and spare parts in combination with our qualified and experienced personnel allows us to place competent work crews and high-quality equipment in shortest possible time to meet all your requirements. We set new standards for quality in operation and maintenance, and strive to be a sample in our industry anytime, anywhere.

We provide maintenance at the level of world standards of quality, efficiency and safety

Ishengir provides a full range of maintenance services in most industries. Our services can be provided both separately and in a comprehensive manner. We carry out maintenance directly at the facility, helping to minimize risks and reduce overall costs without compromising safety through the use of highly qualified technical personnel. In particularly dense industrial areas, Ishengir has its own mobile workshops, with the goal of efficient cost planning and customer service.

Our comprehensive maintenance services include

• Inspection services.
• Engineering and technical support.
• Planning and scheduling.
• Mechanical and pipeline services.
• Infrastructure maintenance services for facilities in an aggressive environment.
• Evaluate, inspection and repair.
• Electrical and measuring services.
• Inspection and non-destructive testing.
• Services for repair and repair of pumps, valves.
• Supply and management of spare parts and components.
• Management of specialized contractors.

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