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Field construction

We provide a wide range of services for projects on construction and fabrication, assembly and field infrastructure, which may include modular assembly or conventional construction, project management, inspection and construction management, planning, welding and quality control, commissioning activities and commissioning of industrial plants and many other field services. In addition to construction work, our projects included moving infrastructure facilities, upgrading, dismantling and moving, troubleshooting, production shutdown, and repair work.

Field construction

Over the years, we have been practicing and honing our project management skills, while developing optimal and effective practices for managing the most complex projects. In the process of our continuous improvement, the collection and documentation of chronological information effectively helps our project teams both in solving emerging problems and opportunities for improving practical skills, which are subsequently codified into ordinary practice, and apply to the entire company.

We are known for their ability to successfully carry out projects almost anywhere, even in remote and complex locations in terms of logistics. Our developed procurement network, compact and mobile, and fabrication and construction resources, helping quickly mobilize for any project anytime, anywhere, and our employees understand the law, culture, the specifics of doing business and labor practices of society in which we work.

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